Chilled Meat

Vacuum Packed Chilled Meat (VPCM)

VPCM is a unique packaging process widely used for poultry, cheese and fresh chilled meat. Meat is packed in special plastic bags which are then vacuum-sealed and shrunk to be like a second skin. The resulting package is air-tight and moisture-proof, protecting the food from oxidation & dehydration during storage.

This type of packaging extends storage life to 90 days or more at 2° Celsius while preventing weight loss from shrinkage & trimming loss.

Restaurants that buy fresh vacuum-packed chilled meat can offer their customers meat that is both tender and juicy and save shrink & trim losses. Fresh meat can be brought for inventory, eliminating overbuying and underbuying. Meat cutting and wastage are reduced.
The extra moisture in this meat acts as a good heat conductor, and so cooking times may be shorter.

We offer VPCM in a range of Buffalo FQ & HQ cuts such as:

Tenderloin, Topside, Thick Flank, Silverside, Rumpsteak, Striploin, Kashila, Shin Shank, Chuck, Chuck Tender, Blade, Cube Roll

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Fresh Chilled Meat

Export of “Fresh Chilled” meat by Air was started in the year 2007 to cater to the demand of Fresh Meat from regular markets. Allana is now one of the largest exporters from India in this segment. Fresh meat products are shipped within one day of slaughter after following defined processing system under highest standards of sanitation & hygiene in the company’s world-class integrated meat plants.

With the basic characteristics of Fresh meat such as aroma, freshness, taste, colour, water content etc remaining intact, Fresh Chilled meat gives the customer the taste of delightfully fresh meat!
Meat is packed in stock-net cloth to allow air circulation to the product to keep it fresh and maintain its original characteristics.

Allana exports its Fresh Chilled meat products from four major airports of India, namely Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad & Lucknow.

Products offered:

Sheep Carcass, Goat Carcass & Buffalo Leg

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