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Allana understands the priceless and magical bond that you share with your pet, and to celebrate this relationship, we present our delicious line of Animal Protein-Rich dried dog food products from India.

We are the established market leaders in manufacturing & export of Natural pet treats & chews, jerky, bones and many more. The Group has established FIVE modern production facilities strategically situated across India very close to their integrated abattoirs and are also expanding to new locations. Our global footprint also extends to Ethiopia, where we have yet another facility to manufacture these treats.

With range of treats, chews & other dog food, we are committed towards providing the best quality, nutritious food for pets across the globe. We believe in bringing in happiness for your pets & increase their vitality. Our products are made from natural ingredients offering variety of snacking range for your pet. Our products are great as training aid, high in protein & low in fat that helps keep your pet playful & active.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. Happy and healthy dogs are a pleasure to have around the house and guarantee that you’ll always have a smile on your face. But how do you make them smile? With our exciting range of products, of course!


Made from freshest offal meat, our pet foods are natural and grain free. The drying process ensures that the important proteins, vitamins and minerals are retained.


Dogs chew through anything at all, don’t they? Thankfully, our rawhide chews or dried chews are long lasting to satisfy your pet’s chewing needs while promoting teeth and gum health by reducing tartar and plaque.


Dogs and bones have had a love affair that transcends time. Our wide range of natural bones includes a vast variety of bleached and natural bones that reduce tartar and plaque, fulfilling the chewing needs of large and medium dogs. Hear them woof at you in glee!


Made from the highest quality of human grade buffalo meat, here is the premium soft treat for our love one. Jerky! The high quality buffalo meat jerky is so delicious, that they can be used while training your dog, to motivate them to learn!

Cooked Frozen Buffalo Meat & Offal

These are excellent ingredients for pet food and canned dog food manufacturers & are produced in the most modern facilities under controlled temperature and process ensuring that all important Vitamins and Minerals are retained.

The product is cooked to achieve core temperature of 90 degree in accordance to regulation of EU and USDA. Our 100% natural products help provide your pet with the energy they need.

Buffalo Meal & Offal Powder

Made from natural offal meat & bone, this is an ideal ingredient in formulation of extruded pet food. We specialize in applying scientific know-how and the most up-to-date manufacturing processes in the very best way to produce meal with high protein and low Ash content as per Pet food industry requirement.

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Production Capacity (annual):

15,000 MTS