Animal Nutrition

Integrated with each of our abattoirs and meat processing complexes across the country, we manufacture high quality commercially sterilized Poultry Feed Supplement (PFS), Blood meal and Buffalo Tallow (Technical Animal Fat) utilizing fresh and chilled raw materials, derived from inspected healthy livestock fit for human consumption.

These modern sophisticated rendering plants have been designed and supplied on a turnkey basis by leading International rendering plant manufacturers.
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Quality products for Poultry, Aqua Feeds & Pet Food:

The low temperature rendering, followed by high temperature short time processing fully ensures:

  • Commercial sterility in PFS, Blood meal and Buffalo Tallow (Technical Animal Fat).
  • Retains the nutritive value of native protein intact in
  • the meal.
  • High stability against oxidation of Buffalo Tallow (Technical Animal Fat), low FFA and very low peroxide value.
  • More acceptable light colour in fat.
  • These unique qualities of our feed ingredients make them very safe and indispensable ingredients in the manufacture of high quality compound feeds. With the use of our feed ingredients, the birds show improved growth rate.
  • Uniform drying at high temperatures helps to maintain low moisture in PFS which not only ensures the commercial sterility and poultry pathogens control but also eliminates the contamination risk of dangerous Mycotoxins / Aflatoxins of fungal origin.

“High-Tech Rendering Process and High-Quality Products”

Commercially Sterile Poultry Feed Supplement

Give your chickens the goodness of commercially sterile poultry feed supplement. This can partially replace soya doc for proteins and completely replace DCP for phosphorus. Use it at 4-6% level in poultry rations and you won’t just increase the immunity and well-being of your chickens, you’ll also increase your profitability.

High Quality Buffalo Tallow (Technical Animal Fats)

Are low in free fatty acid content below 3%. Due to its higher saturated fatty acid content in the triglyceride structure, it is significantly more stable to oxidative rancidity. Hence, can safely be incorporated upto a level of 3-4% in the poultry feeds. It is an immensely useful feed ingredient in summer for poultry when one needs to provide ready source of energy through fats to avoid heat stress and subsequent mortality in the birds. It also useful to overcome the issues of ascites in birds especially in winter season.

Apart from Animal Feed Industry, Buffalo Tallow has many more applications. Due to its better saponification value (more than 195) it is used in laundry soap manufacturing and also in textiles, biodiesel and lubricant industry.

Commercially Sterile Blood Meal

Commercially sterile blood meal is manufactured in state-of-the-art plants, using the blood collected from inspected healthy livestock. Our commercially sterile blood meal is free from toxins, micro-organisms, adulterants and anti-nutritional factors and with harmful pathogens under permissible limits. The blood is collected from healthy animals and rendered in world class systems for a low fat, Lysine rich, amino acid filled output. Our blood meals can be incorporated in quantities of 2-5% in poultry and aqua feeds, leading to excellent results.

Gel Bones

Gel Bone is the de-greased bone pieces which are produced in the rendering process. It is used manufacturing Gelatin, which is used in manufacturing capsules in Pharma Industry.

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