The Allana Group pioneered the production of high quality machine-flayed raw hides in India. Our Hides are sourced from our integrated meat processing complexes which uses state of the art de-hiding equipment sourced from Norman, France.

Our equipment and process ensures that our hides generated have negligible flay cuts/marks which ensures a high quality end product for our customers.

The Allana Group produces raw salted buffalo hides for tanneries across India that produce high quality end-products like belts, bags, jackets, gloves, shoes, leather seats for cars, harnesses and furniture etc.

High Quality Raw Salted Buffalo Hides from Allana are:

  • Generated by fully integrated meat processing complexes
  • Flayed mechanically using world class equipment.
  • After de-hiding, they are fleshed to remove excess fat.

We have Unique traceability system where in every hide is stamped for complete traceability identifying date of slaughter, month of slaughtering, category of hide, location and our company logo.

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Our raw hide categories (based on green weight range)

GradeWeight Range (in KG)
Super Extra45 & up 35
Extra Heavy35 to 44.99
Heavy25 to 34.99
Medium15 to 24.99
I Light9 to 14.99
II LightBelow 8.99

All sales made through allana by products mobile application for complete transparency. Download our application from below links

For enquiries, contact:

Mr Moiz Chunawala

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +91-22-6656 9000 / +91-22-2262 8000

Mobile No: +91-9833790031