It was in the year 1982 that Allanasons decided to diversify into Coffee exports and it was with this end in view that the Coffee Division was formed and based in Bangalore.

The Divisional office is situated in the heart of the city in close proximity to the Coffee Board and with the State of Karnataka producing 70% of the Coffee grown in the Country it is ideally located. Headed by a team of professionals well-versed in the line and backed by the support of Allanasons, the Coffee Division soon made its presence felt and found itself at the forefront of the industry in record time.

To complement this activity and gain control over the curing of the coffees sourced, Allanasons decided to acquire its own Coffee Curing factory in 1992.

Gradually this Coffee Curing unit which was strategically located at Hassan in Karnataka and situated midway between the two major Coffee growing districts of Chickmagalur and Coorg became one of the hubs of activity in the industry. This entailed expansion of the facilities and modernization of plant and machinery to meet the additional requirements of the Coffee Division which also boasts of an in-house cup-tasting facility for evaluating the characteristics of Coffee.

In addition to this, Allanasons owns two large warehouses at the port cities of Cochin and Mangalore where the cargo is unloaded prior to shipment which ensures that all operations come under our effective control. Further, the Company owns and operates a dedicated facility in the coastal city of Mangalore where Monsooning of Coffee is carried out thus making our Curing Division a versatile and reliable supplier of quality Coffee known for fulfilling its commitments on schedule. In recognition of the Coffee Division’s prowess, the Coffee Board of India has conferred upon Allanasons numerous awards and we hold the distinction of being the Country’s leading exporter of green Coffee for a number of years consecutively with exports in the range of 24000T to 30000T per annum.

Allanasons export all grades of washed and un-washed Arabicas and Robustas and Monsooned Coffees. Further the Company continues to be one of India’s one of the largest exporters of Specialty Coffee including Monsooned coffee thus catering to the needs of all types of buyers be it specialty coffee, single estate coffee or commercial coffee.

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