India is blessed with a great tropical climate. This climate bears a variety of flavours of fruits and vegetables distinct in taste from anywhere in the world. Sought after in the world market, India is second largest fruit and fruit-based product exporter in the world.

In the world of processed fruits exports, the Allana group has evolved into one of World’s leading producers and exporters of high quality aseptic and frozen fruit pulp products. Our products are very well accepted in the global markets as high quality ingredients to the multi fruit-based industries.

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The pulp is processed at our own integrated plants with state-of-the-art facility. Our world class fruit pulps are used in beverages, dairy, ice-creams, yoghurt, baby-food, confectionery & are best suited for blending with many other tropical fruit purees for reconstitution of nectars, drinks, juices & other beverages.

MANGO – King of Fruits

Allana has served exquisite flavours of mango pulp to millions of people for many years. The irresistible pulpy fruit wields a certain magic that makes you want to delve deep into it. Our mango pulp varieties :


Also known as the king of mangoes, the exotic aroma and flavour of the fruit makes it unmatched to any other variety of mango. The super quality mangoes are sourced directly from the famous mango orchards of Valsad and Ratnagiri. It is excellent to be used in preparing baby food, confectionery & packed beverages.


With it’s tangy and delicious taste, the Totapuri variety, grown widely in the south of India, is one of the most popularly used fruit pulp ingredients. It is excellent to be used in preparing beverages, ice-creams & a range of other applications.

GUAVA – The Humble Superfruit

This fruit, with it’s aromatic flavour has Vitamin C content four times more than Orange. It’s anti-oxidant properties and high Vitamin A contents helps in boosting immunity and vision. It is highly suitable for blending in variety of ready-to-serve beverages & health drinks. It can also be used in preparing ice-creams.


Is it a fruit, is it a vegetable, it’s probably both ! Tomatoes , packed with vitamins and nutrients is one of the most popular & loved flavours globally & is proven to have a range of health benefits.

Allana now brings to you the best quality Tomato Paste which can be used in preparation of tomato juice, tomato ketchup, variety of sauces and a range of other processed foods.

We source the fruit during it’s peak season of September to January from the rich belts of Nasik, Pune & Ahmednagar in Maharashtra and process it at our world-class facility in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

The result is thick, juicy, flavour-filled tangy tomato paste of exquisite quality!


Our fruit pulp products are available in Aseptic and Frozen Packing:

Aseptic: 215 kg Bag-in-Drum &
20/10/05 kg Bag-in-Box

Frozen: 1kg pack, 200 kg Drum

Production Capacity (annual):

50,000 MTS

Storage Capacity:

20,000 MTS

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