International Sunny cooking oil:

“Apno ko banaiye andar se tough”

Sunny, the premium edible oil brand is the company’s flagship brand with international presence in more than 30+ countries. In India, currently the brand operates in the state of Maharashtra and has multiple SKU offerings in the largest refined oil segments of Sunflower and Soyabean. Sunny Oil enables the modern-day mothers to provide their children a balanced proportion of essential micronutrients with every meal, 3 times a day, making them strong

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Priya Edible Oils:

“Swaad bhi, Sehat Bhi”

Priya is the popular edible oil brand in the FAL portfolio that has offerings across Sunflower, Soyabean, Mustard and Vanaspati. We have recently launched Priya Rice Bran oil & Priya Palmolein in the year 2021 – 2022. Priya is the ideal choice of cooking oil when it comes to enhancing the flavour of your food and making every day cooking a delightful experience. It caters to the family’s demand for yummy and tasty food while taking care of their health too.

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Allegro Olive Oil:

“Gift of Mediterranean”

Allegro brings an exquisite range of Spanish Olive Oils to the Indian audience. It is the finest Olive Oil brand with worldwide presence. Fresh olives, handpicked from its own Mediterranean farms, unlike most other brands, promises a mélange of aromas and flavors in its Extra Virgin Oil. It is available in 3 categories. Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold extracted & is ideal for all kinds of Mediterranean cuisines. Allegro Extra Light Olive Oil is a blend of Refined & Virgin Olive Oil which compliments all Indian dishes by preserving its natural flavors while adding the benefits of Olive Oil. Allegro Pomace Olive Oil is a blend of Refined Pomace & Virgin Olive Oil which has a neutral taste & high smoking point making it ideal for deep frying.

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“Khana bane kamal ka”

Radhuni Gold, our Refined Palmolein is unmistakably a step ahead of competition. It goes through our international quality standard of refining. 3 step filtration using Swedish filters, to give you a high-quality taste and performance. The impeccable quality of Radhuni Gold makes it ideal for fried foods. It is ideal for fried foods and has an impeccable frying experience.

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“Gift of Mediterranean”

Lion is a heritage brand in our Edible Oils & Fats portfolio. Lion Vanaspati from the same stable comes with high quality and great performance catering to the needs of customer and food service providers alike. It adds taste to every meal without hampering natural flavour of food.

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“Range of Specialized Industrial Oils & Fats”

Alfa has a diversified range of specialized Industrial Oils and Fats that cater to India’s food, health, and technical industries and worldwide. Alfa aims to offer the best value to its consumers and be the most preferred brand among Industrial and Food Service customers. With its highest standards of quality, world-class manufacturing capability, and dedicated R&D, Alfa aims to offer the best value to its consumers and be the most preferred brand among Industrial and Food Service customers. Alfa offers a range of specialized oils & fats for industrial purposes which include frying oils, dairy fat alternatives, and fats for food applications like frozen desserts, confectionery, and non-food applications like nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

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