Our Heritage

A proud history that can be traced back to 1865, the Allana Group represents a long tradition of quality, innovation and customer service. The Group take immense pride in its grand heritage which it considers its leading responsibility to preserve, having grown from modest beginnings to become a prominent player in the global agri-based business as a preferred producer and supplier in the industry.

One cannot discuss the Group without reference to the family which made its fortunes, farsighted individuals who translated their ambitions into potent reality and earnings for the Group a position of leadership in the annals of commercial enterprise. A key figure in Group’s rise to prominence is its founder, Abdulla Allana.

Born into a stimulating commercial environment of the Indian subcontinent, he was quick to demonstrate his flair for business, setting up the family business in 1865 and single-handedly embarking on global trading in a diverse range of agri-based commodities and products.

The Group flourished under the consecutive stewardship of Khan Sahib Ahmed Allana and Joosabhoy Allana, establishing its global presence whilst continuing to broaden its activities on the home front in the mid-20th century. Mr. Razak Allana and Mr. Hussain Allana followed through on the international foray by establishing world-class manufacturing and processing facilities in various parts of the country in the latter half of the century.

With more than 150 years of experience, the Allana Group has excelled at providing ever-increasing range of products & services to customers in India & beyond.

Today, it is the largest private food company in India processing & selling in excess of one million metric tons of various products annually to over 85 countries around the World!