At the core of our values is gratitude for nature and society.

We believe in contributing to the welfare of society and take up CSR activities with a sincere effort to contribute toward the betterment of society.

Allana Group has founded five different trusts with a view to  taking up various social causes.
These are:

  • Allana Foundation
  • Allana Charitable Trust
  • Mehfil E Jeelani Trust
  • World Memon Foundation
  • Joosabbhoy A. Allana Charities

Lt. Abdul Razak Allana and Lt. Hussain Allana initiated activities in the field of medical and education, a cause that remains strong to date. Thousands of underprivileged children, as well as adults suffering from various diseases, receive aid and support from Allana.

The Group and its Trust have dedicated themselves to the activities of medical, housing, education, water conservation and other kinds of support to the needy sections of society.
Major donations are in the form of contributions made to other registered institutions, trusts and associations recognized by the Government for rendering such services.


List of some of the educational institutions which were set up with assistance from the Allana Group
  • Allana Institute of Information Technology, Pune
  • Allana College of Architecture, Pune
  • Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune
  • Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune
  • Ali Allana College of Pharmacy, Akkalkuwa
  • Amubai Allana B.Ed College for women, Kunchkheda, Aurangabad
  • A.K.I.’s Hussain Allana High Schools, Versova, Mumbai
  • Anjuman-I-Islam’s Allana English School, CST, Mumbai
  • A.K.I.’s Hussain Allana Group of Schools, Kurla, Mumbai
  • Anjuman-I-Islam’s Allana Institute of Management Studies, CST, Mumbai
Adoption of Municipal and Gram Panchayat School.
  • Adopted 83 Municipal Schools of Greater Mumbai.
  • Class I to X of Hindi, Marathi and Urdu Medium
  • Provided 185 teachers to the above schools
  • Distribution of Uniforms, Books, Library, Benches for Classrooms, Computers and e-learning labs
Scholarships for Students under Naya Jeevan Scheme
  • Fees for Students of Nursery to Graduation.
  • Financial assistance for a professional course like C.A, MBA, Medical and Engineering Students
  • Vocational Job oriented courses such as ITI, Advance computer courses
Empowering Girls and Women through Education in rural India
  • School at your doorsteps – Girls and women are taught to read and write local language and Maths
  • Sewing, painting and handicraft classes for women and girls
  • Providing teaching Jobs in Anganwadi and work from home projects in rural areas


List of some of the Hospital institutions that were set up was upgraded with advanced Medical technology by Allana.
  • Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat [Cardiology Dept.]
  • Lockhart General Hospital, Surat [Dialysis Unit]
  • Noor Hospital, Mumbai [NICU]
  • M.H.Saboo Siddik Hospital, Mumbai [Dialysis Unit, Operation Theatre Machineries]
  • Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai [Cancer dept.]
  • Ali Allana Eye center, Peer Shah Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • Tata Medical Centre, Kolkatta [Cancer dept.]
Medical Camp and eye camp in various location of North India.
Mobile Dispensary and Medical Van
  • Free Health Check, Distribution of Medicines,
  • Nutrition Supplements
  • Medical Van covers District of Thane, Aurangabad, Ankleshwar, Mumbai on weekly basis,
  • Eye Van Covers Rural areas of pune, chandigarh, chennai, and pondicherry.
  • Free screening and free cataract operation of poor and needy patients.
Financial assistance for medical treatment of poor patients at various hospital all over India. Payment are issued directly to Hospital on behalf of patients.


Water conservation Programmes

  1. Construction of Check Dams and Artificial Lakes in Various parts  of Gujrat
  2. Construction of Bore wells in Rajasthan along with Overhead Tanks
  3. Construction of Wells in the interior of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
  4. Connecting Wells with Municipal Water pipelines and various small canals.
  5. Distribution of Shudhu Water Purification Tablets in collaboration with Pharmaceutical companies and other trusts.


500+ toilet blocks have been constructed in different parts of India