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Inception And Heritage

One cannot discuss the house of Allana without being drawn to the men who made its fortunes farsighted individuals who translated their ambitions into a potent reality earning for the House of Allana a position of prestige in the annals of commercial enterprise.

A key figure in Allana's rise to prominence is its founder, Abdulla Allana.

Born into the stimulating commercial environment of the subcontinent, he was quick to demonstrate his flair for business, setting up a company under his own name, in 1865 and single handedly undertaking wide scale trading in a diverse range of agricultural commodities.

As his interests grew, the House of Allana flourishes in 1929, under the stewardship of Al Haj Ahmed Allana, the Company took to ship chandelling,establishing its presence on the global level, while continuing to broaden its activities on the home front. Joosabhoy Allana opened the door to exports while Razak Allana, Mohammed Hussain Allana and Irfan Razak Allana struck out into international trade and manufacturing.

Through more than 140 years of inspired leadership the House of Allana has emerged as a multi-product conglomerate of Companies with top notch

Professional overseeing its wide ranging interests; world-wide trading in commodities; manufacturing chemicals, ceramics, paints and finishes leather, processing of vegetable oils, oil seeds; processing, packing frozen and canned meat and marine products for the consumer market, bulk drugs pharmaceuticals and health-care products, textiles and garments, engineering, electrical and electronic goods, offering industrial consultancy services and assistance to importers and exporters.

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